Milwaukee County is a great place to live, work and raise a family, and we can make it even better by improving county government. To do this, we must all work together – business and labor, young and old, liberals and conservatives. 
I have listened carefully to the comments and ideas of people throughout Milwaukee County. I want the same things you want – responsible leadership, quality services, efficient government, integrity in management, and a better future for our children and grandchildren.  Working together, we can make a difference and improve our community.
Some of my main priorities as Milwaukee County Clerk include: 
I have always prided myself on exemplary customer service.  Delivering services the Clerk’s office provides in the best, most efficient and cost effective way is my utter most priority – Milwaukee County residents deserve nothing less.  I intend to continue to set high expectations for my staff and strive for continuous improvement, giving the taxpayers the best return on their investment.   
As soon as the Federal courts delivered their landmark decision on same sex marriage, our office issued the first same sex marriage license in the State of Wisconsin and led the way to develop gender neutral forms needed to fully implement marriage equality in the state.  I, along with the rest of our staff, stayed well into the evening issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.  Marriage equality for all is the law of the land and I stay committed to implementing that law.  
A right to vote is one of the most sacred tenants of our democracy.  Having been charged by State law with administration of all Milwaukee County elections, I aim to ensure that the voting process in Milwaukee County is efficient, transparent and unencumbered.  With the new voter ID law in effect, it is imperative that we spread awareness of the new State-imposed requirements to vote, making sure that no individual eligible to vote in Milwaukee County is disenfranchised.  I will also continue to implement a voter registration program in county offices and a voter photo ID media campaign to increase voter participation.   
In addition to these important issues, I remain committed to: 
• Reducing staff overtime – saving the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars;
• Increasing revenue through services such as processing U.S. Passports, sales of Wisconsin DNR licenses and permits, and pursuing other potential revenue streams; 
• Eliminating the backlog in microfilming legislative files and marriage license applications, and replacing the antiquated microfilming process with digital imaging;
• Eliminating the backlog in publishing County Board proceedings and publishing proceedings on-line;
• Maintaining accurate and up-to-date records of legislative actions and ordinance changes and auditing the Milwaukee County Code of General Ordinances to ensure accuracy;
• Continuing to modernize the Office of the County Clerk as new technologies and solutions become available;  
• Regulating lobbyists and lobbying activity in order to preserve the integrity of the policy making process and inform you about those who seek to influence the actions of your county government.